SC "Katav-Ivanovsk Instrumant-Making Plant"
SC “ Katav-Ivanovsk Instrument Plant” short SC “KIPZ” is the largest manufacturer of magnetic compasses, marine navigation equipment, measuring equipment as well as  accessories, in Russian Federation. Trading under brand name KIPZ, with manufacturing history of over 75 years, our current products carry certification of Russian River and Sea registers, where factory holds following certificates ISO 9001-2008 (IQNet)and (Russian Register) as well as GOST-R certification,
Our main products are:
1. Large selection of magnetic compasses for all vessel types and sizes (KM-145 Series, UKPM Series, KM-91, KM-69, KM-55, KM40)
2. Induction logs
3. Electromagnetic valves
4. Accessories: Rulers, Protractors, map weights etc…
5. Measuring instruments: longitudinal clinometer, trim indicator, Inclinometer etc…
6. Parts – binnacles , compass parts, electronic components etc….


All products are made at the factory. For more information you can download PDF catalog by following this LINK.
Feel free to contact us for more information at
Tel: +7-351-472-0309
Mobile: +7-982-313-9233
E-mail: info@kipz.ru
Skype: Semenov419
Viber and What’s up: +7-982-313-9233
Our English speaking representatives will gladly answer any questions you may have.